3 Things To Have In Your Kitchen

3 delicious things to keep in your kitchen to help reduce cravings and stay healthy.


There are some things to keep in the kitchen that are extremely helpful to your everyday life.

Simple nutrition hacks you can have weekly or possibly daily to enjoy your nutrition and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In this video I’m sharing 3 things to have in your kitchen. (Or similar products)
These help me reduce cravings, hit my fitness goals, and still enjoy my food.
Here are the list of things:

1) Pure Protein Bars – (quest bars work too)

Under 5g sugar yet taste great and really satisfy that craving for a mid day treat or snack. Countless flavors, I like smores the best. 20+ g of protein, and favorable amounts of carbs and fats compared to other protein bars.

2) Halo top Ice Cream

Again, there are other brands that could work as well. This is a low calorie and sugar ice cream option. As an ice cream fanatic this is a game changer for me. It allows me to still have it weekly without feeling guilty. One pint typically has 200-300 calories and only about 5g of sugar per serving.

3) Powdered Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter but the truth is that it does add plenty of extra calories to your day. Once serving can be 200+ calories with 16g of fat.
So I use this powdered PB for my shakes and oatmeal. Still has the same exact taste but it’s only 50 calories. I wouldn’t necessarily use this for sandwiches though.
We have so many food options these days there is almost always a “healthy version” or macro friendly option of any food.

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