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Your Transformation Session Will Include

  • A Fitness Assessment

  • Nutrition Review

  • Movement Assessment

  • Body Measurements

  • Goal Setting

Jesse Rose Fit

Claim Your Free Transformation Session.

We Do The Traveling

We make the trip to your home, building, or office. We will train you in the setting of your choice. It may be your home, backyard, garage, office or maybe a local park. Whatever is convenient for you works for us.

Your Program Is Ready To Go

We strategically design your workout regimen so we know the game-plan each and every session and no time is wasted.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re currently at. We make sure you are started with exercises that are appropriate for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, adult, senior, or corporate client.

Flexible Scheduling

Each client is given whatever time frame they need for an effective session. Typically that’s 45minutes to an hour. This way we’re not racing the clock just to stretch at the end. Most clients train with us 2-4 times per week. Whether you like training before work or on the weekends, we work with your schedule!

Our Programs Incorporate. . . 

No Boring Cardio Here!

strength training Rose Fit
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Strength Training (With Or Without Weights)

metabolic conditioning Rose Fit
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Metabolic Conditioning

Nutrition Coaching Rose Fit
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Nutrition Coaching

Mobility and flexibility Rose Fit
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Flexibility & Mobility Drills

mindset stress management techniques Rose Fit
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Mindset & Stress Management Techniques


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Dustin T.“Within 8 weeks I lost 30 lbs without access to a gym or any equipment. I have more energy now and in control of my stress.”

Zachary S.“Lost 14 lbs in the first 7 days while traveling for business. Excited to see the long-term effects”
–  Zachary S.

Manuel G. “I lost 22 lbs and cut 8% body fat in the first 6 weeks. I feel more energized, motivated, and focused each day.”
– Manuel G.

Dan M. “In 3 short months of regular training and meal tracking; I’ve lost 25 lbs and 5% body fat. It’s time to buy new clothes already and we’ve just gotten started.”
–  Dan M.


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Jesse Rose Fitness NY


What are the advantages of working with the Rose Fitness team over a trainer at my gym?

  • Top rated fitness coach in NY

  • Your goals are his number 1 priority

  • Great mentor and friend to help you with your journey


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