Peanut Butter Chocolate ‘Craving-Killer’ Shake

Peanut Butter chocolate craving killer shake
Do you find yourself craving carbs and sugars often?
Don’t feel too bad. We all do at some point.
But having a lot of sugar actually makes us crave more sugar.
So what can you do when you have that craving?
Try out this protein packed Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake.


– 10 oz Water
– 1 Banana
– 2 Tbsp. PB 2 Powder
–  Handful of Ice
Nutrition Facts:
Total Calories – 287
Protein – 30g
Carbs – 35g
Fats – 3g
For the best taste I recommend using a blender for this.
**Keep in mind. . . If you use regular peanut butter instead of PB2, that adds about 16g of fat and 190 calories to the totals.**
If you have never tried PB2 in a shake before, it tastes amazing and just like regular peanut butter.
Hope you enjoy!


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